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Arnot Robertson in 1935 after the fledgling star, then 26, gave the first of the famously intense performances that would become her hallmark, in a film called Dangerous.

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She says her mother was so possessive that she couldn’t tolerate her marriage — aged just 16 — in 1963 to British film executive, Jeremy Hyman, 13 years her senior. 'She loved evil and hated everything nice and kind and gentle.

The affectionate portrait by Sermak who became, in effect, the actress’s surrogate daughter and was left much of her fortune, is at odds with Bede’s devastating claim, which first emerged nearly 30 years ago, that her mother was a violent alcoholic who staged fake suicides to scare her children and encouraged her underage daughter to pursue a sex life.

Three decades after her mother’s death, Bede is still engaged in what must surely be the most prolonged mother-daughter feud in Hollywood history.

Even more dramatically, she also relates how one night, at Davis’s Beverly Hills mansion in 1984, she watched her mother go through occult rituals in a ‘last-ditch attempt’ to make Bede ‘run back to her’.

Lying in bed, she says she suddenly felt tremendously scared.Bette Davis would probably have been burned as a witch if she had lived two or three hundred years ago.

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