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Is this a short-term curio, or a sign of things to come??? The court let stand some aspects of RICO (anti-mafia) claims against Defendants Dairy America and California Dairies, Inc.Defendants and their lawyers were sanctioned for misconduct.The GENYOUth program is a private, non-profit that receives about million annually from the dairy check-off. In the publics eye, no state is more closely identified with a single food product that Wisconsins link to cheese. We reproduce four excellent graphs tracking dairy product consumption for the past 40 years.GENYOUth, in tandem with the National Dairy Council and the National Football League, ties into the Fuel Up to Play 60 promotion. Environmental Protection Agency confirmed that 3.6 million acres of U. soybeans four percent of the nations entire crop were damaged by drift from Dicamba-based heribicides. But the states top business lobby wants to ease Americas Dairyland from Wisconsin license plants after more than 70 years. These graphs originally appeared in the October 2017 bulletin of the Federal Order #32 milk marketing administrator.And Clover Sonoma has rolled out a line of Non-GMO half-gallons. In 1994, Clover Sonomas predecessor Clover-Stornetta Farms was the first dairy processor in California (indeed, west of the Mississippi) to disallow producers use of Posilac -- Monsantos milk inducing, biotech hormone. Recent moves by Congess and enacted by USDA will allow dairy farmers who entered five-year contracts for the Dairy Margin Protection Program to notify USDA they want out without penalty. for not having to continue in a worthless govt program.

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Sales of fat-reduced dairy products have been, and are, in the toilet. On December 6, GENYOUth is hosting a gala fundraiser in New York City. John Bobbe, the director of OFARM (an organic grain marketing co-op), details the latest troubling developments involving imports of fraudulent organic grain. This latest event follows months of scandals involving bribery of politicians, meat plant inspectors and bankers. That move will cost many Grassland producers a few hundred dollars per cow per year.

At a recent state DNR meeting, owner Todd Tuls claimed to be gifted by God to be a dairy farmer.