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The cells are stimulated, if required, to induce transcription of Ren SP luciferase from the cloned promoter.

Promoter activity is then quantified using a Light Switch Luciferase Assay Kit and a luminometer to measure the amount of luminescence produced.

Active Motif also offers a HSF Pathway Reporter Stable Cell Line to facilitate high-throughput screening of the heat shock pathway.

HT1080 human fibrosarcoma cells were transfected with the promoter reporter constructs shown.

These constructs are a subset of the 18,000-member Light Switch Promoter Reporter Go Clone™ Collection that were selected based on sequence motif analysis, published information and in-house analysis of each promoter's activity* using our Light Switch Luciferase Assay.

The Heat Shock Biomarker Set contains 8 of the highest responding promoters under our chosen test conditions, as well as the promoters of 2 housekeeping genes (Figure 1).

The regulation of heat-shock genes is critical in cell stress response and the maintenance of cellular homeostasis.

Heat-shock gene transcription is regulated by HSF (heat shock factor) transcription factors in response to various types of environmental stress such as heat, starvation, hypoxia, infection and toxin exposure.

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The Light Switch™ Validated Heat Shock (HSF) Pathway Collection is a set of sequence-verified, transfection-ready, promoter reporter constructs that can be used to accurately quantify transcriptional activation in response to induction of the heat shock pathway.

The collection of validated Light Switch heat shock-related promoter reporters enables you to: The Light Switch Luciferase Assay System is a complete solution for studying transcriptional & post-transcriptional gene regulation in living mammalian cells.