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Timehas stood still for these men — two of anestimated 400 remaining survivors of the Hadzabe tribe — whose way of life has scarcelychanged since human evolution began.

These nomadic hunter-gatherers live as all humans once lived: wandering the plains withthe changing seasons, killing game for survival,constantly avoiding aggressive wild beasts,and, finally, dying as they were born — underthe sun and the stars.

They meet other humansonly a handful of times in their entire lives. Themen shouted greetings to us in clicks andwhistles — their sole form of language, which,although it sounds basic, is capable of expressingcomplete thoughts and concepts.

They hadbeen out hunting with bows, and rested themalongside their arrows against a fallen tree.

Old animal bones andfeathers were scattered aroundthe clearing.

The skin of a wildcat was stretched out to dry inthe sun.

The Tanzanian governmentsupports the plan and, for years, hasconsidered the Hadzabe an embarrassment— 'a backward people whoshould be living decently in properhouses'.

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Pulling back the string, he held the100lb tension for ten seconds, makingsure of his aim before firing.Startled impala and dik-dik — small deer —darted through the undergrowth; colourfulbirds whirred into the sky."They are near," whispered our tracker, Naftal Petro, as clouds of tsetse fly swarmed aroundus in the stifling African bush. They will decide if theywant us to know them."After a four-day quest covering thousands ofmiles by light aircraft, Land Rover and, finally,on foot, we knew we were on the brink of anunforgettable experience — the chance toreach back in time and meet our living humanancestors from countless millennia ago. Suddenly, shadows of human forms startedmoving around the bush. Here, in one ofthe world's last untouched wildernesses — thedense bush south of Africa's Rift Valley wherethe first humans emerged upright more thantwo million years ago — a group of men fromthe mysterious Stone Age tribe were ready tomake their introductions.Draped in animal skins and carrying arrowstipped with poison, two slim, wiry characterswalked slowly towards us in the clearing.In return for the dubious pleasure ofshooting lion, leopard, buffalo andelephant, Crown Prince Hamdan bin Zayed (the UAE's deputy primeminister) and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (deputysupreme commander of the air force)want the Hadza evicted from the areato prevent them competing for game.

As bait, they are offering to pay theimpoverished East African country areported £30million, and have offeredto build private homes, hospitals andschools for the displaced tribe.Thearrow sped away, striking a bird (a Crested Francolin — similar to agrouse) 30 yards away.