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I’m still being invited to his family gatherings and apart from the status nothing has actually changed.

I can now join clubs and things like that because now he doesn’t care.

4) You are angry because she "should have known" that you still had feelings for your ex, because of all your hints, despite the fact that you said you're over him.

I don't want to be too hard on you because I'm sure you are hurting, and that's payback enough. Well, the first thing you should do is learn from it.

Could it be that I’m hurting now because somebody else has something that was mine, or does it hurt me this much because that somebody is so close to me? It feels like I’m discovering our deepest secrets, the ones that should be held only between him and me.

It’s like having a third VERY EXPERIENCED person with you in the relationship, just that now I am no longer sure who the third person is.

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You've been trying to control the situation by dropping hints and manipulating, hoping that people will react the way you want them to and that you'll get your way without ever having to come out and ask for it.If I were her, I’d never accept the love that once belonged to my best friend. At the end, this is what I’m left with: I’m forever left with the question if there was anything between them while the two of us were dating. I keep thinking that he liked her even back when the two of us were dating and that he only waited for us to break up out of respect towards me.

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