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25-Oct-2017 23:54

IT WOUld be Tues 10 April and i would need to catch a very early bus eg before 8.0am.

Can you please tell me if this is possible, how long it would be, how much and what is the name of the Bus or Bus route and journey that would get me to Alicante Airport?

or even if i could pick it up in and around la zenia?

so many pages on here cant find info im looking for :( even a tip to find a timetable, Cheers :) I need to know if I can get a bus from La zenia to Alicante Airport.

I am considering taking the bus to Torrevieja but im afraid that if our flight is delayed we will miss the last bus.

Does anyone have the number or email for anyone that does cheap transfers please?

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This discount only applies to pensioners living in the Valencia region. There needs to be an hourly bus service and a queueing system put in place particular at the airport.

thank you in advance I am travelling on the 1st Oct my flight arrives at 22.30.