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For the fact that such a discovery was recorded at all may be a reflection of that same historical curiosity which led to the compilation of the , and which inspired Gaelic kings of the twelfth century to commission religious shrines of metal and to erect High Crosses of stone which would help to recreate the glorious Christian past of three or four centuries earlier.The same fervour can be seen at a lower social level during the 1680s, when the re-erection of fallen crosses epitomized the hopes of the people that the Duke of York, when he would ascend the throne of England as James II, would usher in a period of greater religious freedom and tolerance in Ireland, reminiscent of that which had reigned in centuries past.It combines the solid groundwork of earlier generations of archaeologists with the great advances made in research during the last twenty years.The latest thinking on the astronomical significance of megalithic tombs and the social implications of the great Bronze Age hoards is interwoven with an up-to-date account of the recent major excavations at sites such as Carrowmore, Rathgall and Navan Fort.

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Such radiocarbon dates are purposely preceded by the letter c, for circa, as they are only approximate to within a few hundred years of the given date.The reason why this calibration has not been carried out automatically throughout the text here is that it has not yet proved possible to calibrate all the radiocarbon years accurately on a sliding scale.The work of Michael Baillie and his colleagues in the Belfast Conservation Laboratory in providing an accurate tree-ring chronology for the Irish oak back to the year 5289 BC has supplied us now with a major breakthrough, and even though the method may be costly, it is hoped that it will not be long before we will have a reliable guide to the actual difference between radiocarbon and calendar years on the basis of the Belfast tree-ring datings.Peter Harbison has written the first full-scale survey of Irish prehistory for a general audience to have appeared for a decade.

Pre-Christian Ireland gives the story of human settlement from the beginnings 10,000 years ago to St Patrick's Christianizing mission in the fifth century AD.But despite the strength of oral tradition in Ireland, the work of the synthesizing historians who composed the Book need not be taken too literally, for the events they purported to describe are alleged to have taken place 1,000 years or more before they were written down.

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