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With the new baby on the way, Flowers is making preparations to cut back on touring following his new baby’s birth.

Much of his musical aspirations will be put on hold so he can concentrate on his family, because as he stated in a recent interview: “I love music, but I want to spend more time with my children.

Forty-six artists scored multiple entries in the top 10 in 2010.

Ellie Goulding, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Tinie Tempah and The Wanted were among the many artists who achieved their first UK charting top 10 single in 2010.

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"I would like to know that Clay is healthy and away from his anxiety issues, but I think if Clay were to fully separate from his anxiety that would be a little surprising because I don't think it's just easy to get rid of," Dylan told

The tour has sold out in various locations and the album is expected to top the charts.

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" class="ngg-fancybox" rel="67087abc8345c06c4b56750d983c7265" data-image-id="47037" data-src=" data-thumbnail=" data-title="Dylan Minnette" data-description="Dylan as Clay Jensen certainly went through a lot of emotions when listening to Hannah's suicide cassettes.

One of Dylan's hope for Season 2 is, understandably, for the strength of his own character.

Sixty-nine artists achieved their first top 10 single in 2010, either as a lead or featured artist.