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The only name stamped on mine is CGA I believe it is. Most people would call it a Norinco model but nowhere on the rifle does it say Norinco. There is a stamping on the rifle which will indicate which factory produced it.

From what I've read the company involved with the CGA models stopped importing them in 1989. Every other firearm I have seen made by Norinco has the name stamped somewhere on it. I'll see if i can come up with the website which explains all this info but it is probably or something like that.

Production began in 1956 and first year serial numbers do not include the year designation as it was "0".

Each following year, the designator was increased by 1.

The model designation is referred to as Model I'm grabbing some pics on Wednesday and I'll share them here 1st thing.

The year is also marked on the receiver following the serial number.

Mark that one legend as "possible" as they appear military manufacture and from the right time in origin, but were dumped cheap on the US market, perhaps after the Chinese had their big falling out read "war" with their former buddies in Viet Nam.

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Mostly I'm curious if the info I've read about the CGA marked rifles were no longer imported after the law changed in 1989 is accurate. I don't believe I have ever seen the number 26 anywhere on my rifle. I provided about Factory 296 or /26\ and the bayo was not directed at your post. ONLY those made at factory 296 or as stamped on the receiver (triangle) /26\ can use the ser. Our ATF wasn't the zoning and import officers that they are today, and Klinton was still chasing trailer-court skirts around Little Rock.

s/n 4001376 is the 1,376 carbine manufactured in 1960." My input.