Dating a thai man

18-Oct-2017 12:45

I find this to be an interesting example of cultural differences that can so easily go under the radar, for my friend and I alike.

She had been married to her Foreign husband for years and I had lived in Thailand, at this point, for I believe, more than two.

I’m glad I asked and am more thankful that she was sincere in her response (which was later confirmed by both Thai men and women I trusted as good practice).

I hope this has been beneficial for those of you who were remotely as confused as I was.

with their rent, with a family member’s medical bills).

Requests of this nature often aren’t an indication of true need but rather are representative of the avoidance of many Thais to ask for something directly.

“I’m sorry I can’t drive you to your room.” A kiss goodnight. Normally I neither define myself as white, nor a woman, nor anything I consider to be superficially categorical.

Some men had expressed they weren’t asked for money their first few encounters with the same woman, but later, as an expression of needing help (i.e.The world I know in the West considered that prostitution. Prostitution, she explained was a trade practiced by bar girls who worked specifically in establishments catering to the practice.I explained that the exchange of sex for money in any way is considered prostitution in my culture.The events proceeding my first intimate encounter with H, a Thai national left me in a state of complete mental blankness. Now resting between my fingers, I realized H had not only given me funds for my ride home, he had covered the majority of my rent for the month. Confused I called a well educated, never been in the sex trade female Thai friend and relayed what had happened. She then explained a Thai custom I had previously heard about – the concept of a Thai man .

As we lived in opposite ends of Bangkok and he wasn’t in a position to drive me home, he hailed me a taxi and opened the door for me to enter the vehicle alone. “Awwww…”, she said in English (or something to the effect of). As the months and years followed, I became further confused about my place in Thai society as a white, Foreign woman.Spending my time in muay thai gyms amongst men of questionable character and notable charm gave me ample warning to not become, as a Thai man boasted of his Thai gik / casual lover on the side, “something to use”.

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