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Tensions arose between two wings of the family over a property dispute.Youngest son Gary Treeby inherited the family farm, Broadview, at Lidsing in 2007 and also controlled the access to a piece of land left to his siblings. – Salum Kombo, 18, art student originally from Tanzania, stabbed in Bow, east London.The high prevalence of people from the West on this list may be due to societal attitudes towards homosexuality.The Pew Research Center's 2003 Global Attitudes Survey found that "[p]eople in Africa and the Middle East strongly object to societal acceptance of homosexuality.– Nasim Jamil, 54, presenter and agony aunt on Awaz FM radio station – stabbed at home in Partick, Glasgow.Khalid Mamoun Sarwar, 28, was jailed for life (20 years) in Sep 2010.He had deliberately started a relationship with Millie’s mother Rachael so that he could abuse the child. Outside court she said he should have got longer than 25 years.

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See homosexuality and bisexuality for criteria that have traditionally denoted lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people.James Thompson, 25, from Formby, was jailed for life for murder.Steven Keegan, 26,, was cleared of both murder and manslaughter.Lisa’s boyfriend Raymond Wilson II, 48, was jailed for life with no parole.

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The trial heard he killed them after Lisa admitted she had taken part in a threesome with them.

Paul O’Brien, 27, was found not guilty of assaulting Mr Johnson’s friend Nicholas Halsall.