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We Were Asked Why We Don't Have Much On Loudspeakers. Hi-Fi News Magazine Adverts For The Lads & Musty Raincoat Wearers. You Go On About 'Low Spec', Is It Possible To Put 'High Spec' Into Any Amplifier & Make It The Best Amp? By 1970 Hifi Comes Of Age 1965 Eagle TSA-218 Amplifier. But we got the Sansui AU-G90X from having one here to service & got one ourselves, but there is no way we'd just blindly get an amp from this era. We Have A Portable Sony Stereo System, Can You Repair It? Don't Fiddle With The Inside Parts Of Tuners The Yamaha CR-1000. 1972 Hifi Shops Making Worthwhile Systems For Customers. (odd Comments On Other Brands) What Is Music Power Rating? 1970-72 HFN/RR Has Got Lots Written, How About 1956-69 Era? Post 1980 Hifi is still a mystery area to us, so much is overrated junk is a fair comment. All adds to the Skill we put into amps we Sell & Upgrade. The mass-market approach to Audio, we'll not call it "Hi-Fi", is mostly very mediocre. (Sales Hype) Their Ideas Of Acceptable' May Wildly Differ From Yours Hifi Variations Amid A Model Number? It's still not 'perfected' but to realise that will get more ideas tried out. Most are fitted below the screen edges firing down, just a long elliptical speaker of no Hi-Fi quality at all & certainly no acoustic wadding or design. We really couldn't care for the tiny satellite speakers & a sub idea as where's the midrange? Skip back the Ti Vo & it was on the TV sound but sounded like it was not in front as the speakers are. The Gadget Show in it's populist approach shows TVs with 4K HD pictures, but as a Dec 2016 episode showed, the fact that flat screen TVs are of no physical depth, the speakers inside are probably as bad as 1970s TVs. There's no room in the TV cabinet & anyone into Cinema Sound will buy a 5.1 or 7.1 Stereo receiver & use a Ti Vo or Sky box to use the digital optical outputs.Picking the articles that interest us through the magazines. Where's The Continental Hifi The Risks Of Bang & Olufsen Gear. Forget how the media portrays the trashy element of today, there will always be those more thoughtful interested in vintage quality things & just like us at his age, he'll probably crave getting something that good.

The new amps we get will still go on the Reviews page. We've been reading through 1970-80 compete set of Hi-Fi News & many sections below offer comment on things in those mags. Hi-Fi In Context Is The Thing Don't Do Repairs On The Cheap. But us on just having got the Realistic STA-220, a young guy pricing up a building repair, he saw it on the desk & was captivated by how well made & packed with mysterious parts it was. But Today's Idea Of A Speaker Bar You Put Under The TV Johnny Staccato TV Series From 1959 Is The Earliest One To Feature Hifi Risks Buying NOS Old Power Transistors. In 1971 Only A Few Bigger Companies Did Mail Order Omnidirectional Speakers Do You Need Filters On Amplifiers. We Can Upgrade Valve Amps - Why Haven't We Got Them For Sale? He Who Is Happy Listening To A Portable Radio Is The Lucky One ESL Light Bulbs: Can They Be Dangerous? The E27 20w Lloytron Aren't Made Anymore So What Else Is There? My Amp Keeps Making Click Noises At Regular Intervals. The more good ones we find the less there are left to find. " but look at the Recent Additions section on the reviews page. Comparing The Technics Sl-1500 With Goldring G-800E To The Garrard 301 With Roksan Corus More Goldring G-800E vs Roksan Corus. Now it's sorted, we sell it on, although we'd like to keep all the "experimental big job" ones, we are here to sell. We use the Luxman LX-33 valve amp for recording Record Sales Soundfiles, it sounds great, but the design of it is ours, not Luxman's & it's taken over 3 years to get to how it is now.

India High End Company It Was Said In The 1960s-Early 1970s That Japan Made Excellent Amps Beware Of Circuit Diagram & Pcb Errors. For all the Amps we've upgraded, none is "Perfect", some are at the top of Excellence, but every amp does have it's own quirks. Transistor Amps With The Technics Sl-1500 & Goldring G-800E. For Site Readers, The Reviews Do Show Ones We've Upgraded. We Have Played Classical Via The Expensive UK LPs 1956-63 Era. It was here nearly a year, getting looked at every few months as thinking time is needed.

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