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If you keep them on your phone or computer you could be charged with possession.If they go to someone in another state (and that happens really easily), it’s a federal felony.Except in the rare cases involving malice or criminal intent, law enforcement should play an educational role, along with parents, community leaders, school officials and other caring adults.In the ’90s, AOL was the king of online chat rooms.We’re not in a position to provide legal advice, but we can tell you that laws vary from state to state, each jurisdiction enforces the law differently, and the applicable laws were written before sexting was “invented.” With sexting, the same minor can be both perpetrator and victim when producing and sending photos of him or herself – a very tricky situation under current laws.Parents: * If your children have sent any nude pictures of themselves, make sure they stop immediately.If malice or criminal intent is involved, you may want to consult a lawyer, the police, or other experts on the law in your jurisdiction, but be aware of the possibility that child-pornography charges could be filed against anyone involved.Teens: * If a sexting photo arrives on your phone, first, do not send it to anyone else (that could be considered distribution of child pornography). Tell them the full story so they know how to support you.

Stay calm, be supportive and learn as much as you can about the situation.Teens have been convicted for child porn distribution for emailing sexually explicit photos to each other. In some cases, kids are responding to peer pressure in a form of cyberbullying or pressure from a boyfriend or girlfriend (they break up, and sometimes those photos get sent around out of revenge).Sometimes it’s impulsive behavior, flirting, or even blackmail. Parents: Talk with your kids about sexting in a relaxed setting.Non-legal consequences: Then there’s the emotional (and reputation) damage that can come from having intimate photos of yourself go to a friend who can become an ex-friend and send it to everyone you know.

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Not only can they be sent around; they can be distributed and archived online for people to search for pretty much forever. Sexting can be done on any media-sharing device or technology – including email and the Web.

People aren’t always who they seem to be, even in real life, and sometimes they change and do mean things.