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Mean emo girls, however, take more advanced measures to bond with. Tell her angst is very attractive and suits her well, and agree with the things she thinks are stupid, unless she hates things that they contradict your beliefs, then move on to another subject.Before I tell you what you need to do to make the right approach, I will show you a video of someone who tried the wrong approach. Tell her you like her and that she is a very cool person. Emo girls are really hot due to their unique hair styles and cool clothing and their "don't fuck with me" attitude. Most emo girls tend to hang around in girl groups, and don't cut themselves or talk or think about suicide. They're harder to get than ordinary, nerd, or sports girls, but are easier to get than popular girls or cheerleaders. Before we begin, you need to know the two types of emos, nice emos and mean emos. Nice emo girls are quite gentle and act like ordinary girls.You don't even have to tie her up, at least, not right away.

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This breed is called Christian emo, and yes, they exist.I didn't believe it at first until I saw one reading a Bible and attending church.