Douchebag dating sites

06-Oct-2017 05:06

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If so, this is a little Public Service Announcement: Don’t do it. Sometimes it seems like all his moves were strategically planned to make you swoon as if it came straight out of Cosmo’s advice column.Don’t try to get intimate and up in someone’s business (and face) when you’ve barely exchanged 2 sentences. Like when he stretches his hand out to tuck a tuft of your hair behind your ear and whispers “let me get that off your angelic face”.Probably stole it off that same advice column that indicates how women find it attractive when men are driven and have #goals in life.And they’ll go on about how much money they intend to make, even though we all know that actions speak louder than words.And it shows they might be insecure about themselves since they keep feeling the need to remind us how many girls they were able to get.

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As sweet as the gesture is, making a big deal out of it takes the sincerity away.“Aren’t you glad I’m not short like him.” Douchebags have no trouble labelling people in an attempt to make themselves look good because they have zero sense of self-awareness and treat others (namely girls) like they’re disposable. Some people can’t take a joke and that’s okay But if they’re the type to insult others incessantly, yet unable to handle it when others poke fun back at them, that’s an instant indication that they’re an adult baby. No one should have to deal with a sensitive and petty man-child.They’d string along multiple problems in the future because of their inability to compromise or let go.So if an entitled douchebag refers to the last girl he went out with as a bitch, or even worse, called a girl he couldn’t even get a , that becomes a loud siren that screams “NO”.

He might even try to up his own status by putting someone else down in the course of flirting with you.Because if I had a dollar for every time a guy went on about how he wants to “make his first million by 30”, I’d be a millionaire first.