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Did you know that, during the last five decades, Ronald Paulson has written more than sixty publications on William Hogarth?

That a dozen papers on Hogarth and the London theatre are from the pen of Mary Klinger Lindberg?

Apart from questions of content, the book also contains detailed formal analyses of Hogarth's art.

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* * *Bernd Krysmanski, "A Harlot's Progress von William Hogarth: Aufstieg und Fall einer Hure.Part One lists all of Hogarth's paintings, drawings and engravings together with his writings in alphabetical order, each work having its special bibliographical reference.Part Two is a thematically arranged bibliography relating to miscellaneous subjects concerning Hogarth's life, his art, his attitudes to other artists and writers, as well as eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth-century criticisms of his work.Its imagery, borrowed - ironically - from "high" art (e.g.

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from works by Raphael, Dürer, Michelangelo, Correggio, Rubens, Rembrandt or Charles Le Brun), provides the key to a new understanding of the purpose behind Hogarth's taking single motifs from the works of highly reputed Old Masters and using them in new, topical, but often "low" contexts.Peter's, Vere Street (formerly Marybone Chapel), and not of St.

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