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Volunteers from The Icarus Trust may reply to your post.If you have any feedback on the blog please email us.I had noticed that she was often down & very tired & broke. He apparently goes off his meds when things are seemingly ok.However, I always put it down to the fact that she contracted viral meningitis when she was little & this had attacked her left lobel side of her brain… I have cut him out of my life as long as he is using. read the full post My 16 year old son is affected by drug & alcohol recently.I have paid off his debts, made him take drug tests and had tears and promises that things will change. She has been taken drugs on and off since the age of 14. He introduced her to the drugs she normally would never take. read the full post My son is drug addict he trying at the moment to come off coke but also has been battling addiction for 26 years he was 14 maybe 15 when he started smoking cannibis he his also addicted to perscription drugs ie tramadol,antidepresants he has a loving wife and 3 lovley children however he as held it together for so long is beyond me it all could come crashing down .l pray everyday for him to be dru…Over the last two months things have spiralled and I fear he is an addict, maybe he has been for longer and I have been in denial! I send her to live with her dad to get away from the people. read the full post I am a musician and recently wrote this blog on my regular public blog as I wanted to raise more awareness about addiction and mental health.

I am a single mum feeling Absolutely helpless, don't know what to do i am loosing him. read the full post You are the most loyal, loving, caring, patient person I have ever met and who has the most beautiful of the full post My partner has issues with his mental health, and as a result addiction.

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A low-carb diet might help you lose weight, but it’s not going to change your underlying frame; if you’re naturally compact and dense, then you’re not going to jog that away. I inherited the O’Malley shoulders and I’m naturally barrel-chested; no amount of dieting or jogging is going to make that smaller.… continue reading »

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BLM LIBRARY 88049447 ARCHEOLOGY OF THE EASTERN POWDER RIVER BASIN, WYOMING Prepared for The Bureau of Land Management Contract Number YA-512-RFP6-104 May 21, 1977 Edited by George M. Now, before the terrain of any area can be disturbed as a result of a federal action, adequate consideration must be given to any cultural re- sources that may be affected.… continue reading »

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