Updating fontconfig cache

05-Sep-2017 01:14

This may cause confusion in thread based JDI events. (Refer to 6862295.) Prior to 6u14, the JDK installer was never fully supported silently.

One of the side effects of silent JDK installation is that it does not install the public JRE. Apparently some users have been using the without our documentation or approval. As a workaround to the JDK not installing the public JRE when in silent mode, we recommend also bundling up and launching the stand-alone JRE installer from the JSC download site.

Existing binaries compiled on St AX 1.0 will continue to run on St AX 1.2.

Java Plugin and Web Start will consult this blacklist and refuse to load any class or resource contained in a jar file that's on the blacklist. The 6u14 includes version 14.0 of the Java Hot Spot Virtual Machine, which provides improved reliability, serviceability and performance.

Service Tag software can be downloaded from Sun Inventory .