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We now pay by direct debit 40 for leccy and 50 for gas.I hated the pay as you go meters with a vengance x Sounds abit steep for me hun, I lived in a 3 bed semi without double glazing, no cooker because it didn't work and we only used gas for hot water and gas central heating. We would always use at least 15 a week in gas because it's soooo expensive, heating wasn't always on and we even had to turn raidiators down or off.thanks in advance x hi im just wondering how much people pay on their gas and electric meters a week. i dont have any debts with them its just soooo expensive.thanks in advance xhi kerrie no i totally agree with you im the same.I am at home most of the day with my 3 year old and my two sons 18 amd 22 are in and out due to work/college.We use gas for CH/Water/Cooking - though realliy only cook main meal at night.Never used a dryer for clothes though because we would have used more electric and we didn't have one.

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for electric my meter uses about 1 daily without washing 1.50 with my gas is more expensive now as its cold alot and have to kids so keep the home warm that costs us 20 a week cant wait till summer be alot cheaper Is there no way you could switch to metered billing? We had pre-payment meters when I moved in and I had them taken out straight away.If you are on certain benefits then you might be eligble for help with your elecricity. Its a government grant We are on both gas and elec meters since last May as we owed a debt to them.If you google 'warm home discount' followed by your electric provider to see if your able to get the rebate which is 120. They take 3.00 a week off each debt and we have to put 20.00 elec per week and always go on the emergency the day before top up.i also have a 3 bed and i put 20 in a wk and that jus about lasts the week its a nightmare.

especially when you got kids and its freezing in the house, you have to put heating on. if u go on money supermarket u can have a look and compare the gas and electric company and switch.

I don't have the heating on constantly (try to turn it off after a while, but I am always cold), and my other son who came home from uni for xmas said how cold the house is and he ended up staying a lot of time at his girlfriends as it was "freezing". It is costing a fortune and I am worried about how we are going to keep on at that rate through the winter.