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Wireless charging is certainly easy, although you can't pick up the phone and charge it at the same time - it has to be within proximity of the pad.So for calls when the phone is charging, we've simply used the speakerphone.That means a greater colour palette and brighter whites for a more immersive viewing experience - although the i Phone 8 is not as bright as some of the competition, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Redesigned to follow the same approach as the speakers on the i Pad, these stereo speakers are a little louder and bassier.Not by a huge amount, but it's a bonus to go along with the improved on-screen visuals.True Tone means the same colour-rich and HDR-capable technology as found in the latest i Pad.Yep, the i Phone 8 can present high dynamic range content from Netflix, as one example.In our time with the phone we've been more than impressed.

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Simply plug the pad into the wall, pop the i Phone 8 Plus onto it and away you go.

The Gold finish isn't as visually harsh as the gold metal i Pad, with the metal elements of the i Phone 8 more akin to the Rose Gold colour.

The glass back takes on a subtler "nude" colour that reminds us of a pair of fancy shoes.

While the design is clean, it's started to look dated - especially compared to the i Phone X and flagship phones from other manufacturers like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30.

We suspect this is Apple's last outing for this wide-body design.For 2017 there's a trio of new i Phones: the small-scale i Phone 8, the larger i Phone 8 Plus, and the forthcoming i Phone X (that's "i Phone 10", if you're saying it properly).