How to manage an intimidating boss

26-Jul-2017 09:12

Which leads to me to directly challenge the HR professionals reading this.

Very few people in America trust that their HR departments are looking out for them–I’m sorry, but it’s true. As an HR professional, you play a very large role in stopping workplace bullying. You read the damage that bullying can can cause, right?

Since bully bosses are in a power position over you, they could make your work life a living hell (yes, more so than it already is) if you try to do something that embarrasses them or bruises their fragile egos.

So instead, allow me to introduce you to your newest best friend when dealing with bully bosses: Good Documentation. Good documentation is an extremely powerful tool that cannot be underestimated.

If you’re dealing with a boss who is known for his bullying, you need to get into “court reporter mode” and stealthily get your documentation on.

One of the things that bully bosses count on is the lack of a quality paper trail from the people who they bully.

If you misstep with sloppy or nonexistent documentation, there is zero chance of getting the support you need from HR to fix your bully boss’s behavior.

If you’re working in a company that rewards bullying behavior, you’d be better served jumping ship and watching your now-former company’s inevitable demise from the safety of your new job.

Just remember that there are literally millions of people (65 million of them, to be precise) who are rooting for you to make today . If nothing else, please believe this: What we allow is exactly what will continue.

There is no doubt in my mind that if we all band together with this singular cause, there is no force that can stop us from reclaiming our workplaces from the bullies once and for all. It is possible that a handful of you who are reading this post could be .

The worst case scenario is to stick around in a situation that is causing your physical and mental health to rapidly decline, because the only demise that you’ll be getting a front-row seat to watch is your own.

Mark my words on this–I’m speaking from experience.Almost 30 years later, the pain still sticks with me even though my days of being bullied have long passed.

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