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25-Jun-2017 22:19

I will try my best to find the old formulation otherwise the new one is still extremely good. A true classic frag for vanilla lovers, not as strong as it used to be, but still strong enough to be enjoyed still today This fragrance is truly sensual and exquisite.

Mark Mark74, your bottle is from 2005 probably because in 2015 bottle design was already changed. Even if it's from 1998, it's still just as contemporary and relevant today.

And you are correct, vintage formula had 8 contents, 4 of them were colors. @benpitt I have bottle with small Pi logo but has 19 ingredients and 4 are colours, so? Also on the box front above Givenchy it has no square logo, like 4 little squares. For a long time I stayed away from it because I heard of the disastruous reformulation rumours, and also because it is my uncle's signature fragrance, so I was afraid it's not gonna suit me.

I decided however to take the step and order this beautifully shaped bottle, and now I can say it was a great decision.

The vanilla is however very well blended with spices and some citruses on top.

Its geometric bottle with perfectly clear lines contains a woody, sensual scent.

Possibly something that would fit a funeral home worker..dracula. The type women who would love wearing this are those who like stronger fragrances such as Shalimar, Youth Dew, Tabu, Five O'clock Gingembre, etc. Dress nice while wearing her because she's not for jeans and a t-shirt. This belonged to her husband but her and I both like these types of scents so she assumed I would like it. Givenchy pi :) Created by Alberto Morillas This man made some of my favorite fragrances so far.

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