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08-Sep-2017 02:57

Luckily neither Fisher nor his 32-year-old girlfriend appear to have gotten hurt.

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It is possible that Fisher’s interest in coaching again or moving into a front office role could be affected by the NBA fraternity’s opinion of the Barnes situation.

“All that says to me then is the business that I loved and have loved being in for as long as I have been,” Fisher said, “maybe that’s not the place for me.” Phil Jackson, a few months into his job as Knicks president, hired his five-time champion Lakers point guard right after Fisher retired from his playing career. That’s one of the reasons why we didn’t quite complete our meshing and blending of talents and thoughts, because those two positions are not always aligned.” So Jackson fired Fisher last season.

“We both didn’t know exactly what we were doing,” Fisher said. The team ain’t any better — 23-31 when Fisher was fired last season, 21-28 now under Jeff Hornacek — and Fisher has his own twist on the situation.

“We were able to take a team that wasn’t as talented as the team they have now, and we were much better and much further along than this group is that they have now,” Fisher said. “That’s different than just trying to coach basketball—and it takes longer.

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That’s the part that you can’t measure in wins and losses either.

His former teammate with the Lakers could still be an issue, though. Fisher had made the jump directly from playing to coaching last season and never seemed comfortable.