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19-Jul-2017 08:01

Anastasia, while filled with innocence and self-consciousness, decides that she in fact does want Christian.

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Lesson #4: Decisive Christian knows who he is and what he wants out of life by living up to high standards and because he truly knows himself.

While all of the hype has to do with human sexual desire and the unique and naughty ways to fulfill it, there is actually a deeper meaning. In fact, it can actually be used as a dating bible. Read on to find the different ways in which Fifty Shades of Grey can teach you about dating and relationships.

This book portrays desire, attraction, and romantic love through human psychology.

It is always nice to know that you are solely wanted and desired.

Lesson #5: Love, Affection, and Unapologetic Sexual Desire Predictability is death to sexual desire.Lesson #1: Single-Minded Attention Christian, the main male character, wants Anastasia, the heroine. His attention and sexual energy does not dissipate when other gorgeous women enter the picture. This attention is extremely intoxicating to many women especially nowadays as society says that it is okay for men to give vague interest to a woman.