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One of the slain women apparently was in the early thirties, with dark hair.Her face had been beaten in and was unrecognizable.Sunday and a railroad message from Phoenix said the person sending them gave a ficticious name and address. Hartness of Portland, Ore., and bearing the penciled notation, "Hugh Angle, Christmas 1928, 20 years old." The trunk contained several other photographs and an envelope.

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When the Arizonians and other gathered for the signing they faced a battery consisting of four moving picture machines and twelve cameras. Warden Lo Wright told the 60 witnesses who were waiting in the execution chamber that no one but himself would ever know who sprung the trap. Records at the United States Veterans hospital at Whipple Barracks, Prescott, Ariz., show Dr. Judd to have entered there September 10, 1930, and to have been discharged January 13, 1931. Judd signed her name, railroad officials said, to slips giving the value of the trunks as "B. Mc Kinnell, 201 Pinchot street," leaving the blank for the city not filled. " and she replied "Phoenix."There is no Pinchot street in Phoenix.__________NAME OF CONSIGNEE NOT MADE PUBLICLOS ANGELES, Oct.

The president signed the bill with a gold pen which he later presented to Postmaster General Hitchcock, who was so largely instrumental in securing statehood for Arizona. Bodies, one of them dismembered, were found in trunks at a train station in Los Angeles. He gave his address at that time as 823 Seventeenth street, Santa Monica, Calif., but asked that in case of emergency "Mrs. Linwood street, Phoenix," be notified.__________LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19.—(AP)— Dismembered bodies of two women of undetermined age and identity were found tonight by police at the Southern Pacific Railroad station. They had been shipped yesterday morning from "the Southeast," police said.

General Hitchcock tells me he will have the pen appropriately engraved and at the proper time present it to the historical society of Arizona. The hunt was on for Winnie Ruth Judd, the woman who had shipped the trunks from Phoenix. The story unfolded over more than a year and didn't really end until Judd's death in 1998, when the truth that many thought had yet to be revealed died with her. 20, 1931: TRUNKS HIDE TWO TORSOS OF WOMEN__________Shipped From Phoenix To Los Angeles by Woman__________CONSIGNEE UNNAMED__________Employe of Clinic Is One Victim, Other Not Known__________PHOENIX, Ariz., Oct. The headless torso of one of the women was in the small trunk.

The correspondents have taken to the name and wired it broadcast. Lampland studied the photographs and then trained a high-powered telescope on the space where the sensitive photographic plate showed there was light.

There is no question that Arizona will be known from now on as the Valentine state.

When the incident in Tombstone happened, it was barely a blip. Holliday met the four, who drew upon them at once, when a lively fire commenced from the cow-boys against the three citizens. When the smoke of the battle cleared away, it was found that Jim and Frank Mc Loury were gasping in the agonies of death, and Bill Clanton mortally wounded. Earp received a flesh wound in the calf of the leg. The Lowell staff is enthusiastic over the discovery, and nightly observations of the "find" are made.