E107 check remote servers when validating email addresses

02-Nov-2017 21:02

* You should at least load one database method, otherwise any data you * have will not be stored!*//* * [DEPRECATED] db_old * * This is the old binary database format from late Anope 1.7.x, Anope 1.8.x, and * early Anope 1.9.x.* * This block is recommended, as without it you will be unable to access most oper commands.* It replaces the old Services Root directive amongst others.

e107 check remote servers when validating email addresses-85

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* * The default is to comment these out (so NOBODY will have Services access).*//* * [RECOMMENDED] Oper Access Config * * This section is used to set up staff access to restricted oper only commands.* You may define groups of commands and privileges, as well as who may use them.This breaks the STANDARDS or the protocol, and is not recommended.

It allows services to use /MSG instead of /NOTICE when sending information to the user. After making the appropriate * changes to this file, place it in the Services conf directory (as * specified in the "configure" script, default /home/username/services/conf) * under the name "services.conf".* * Each uplink IRCd should have a corresponding configuration to allow Services * to link to it.