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29-Aug-2017 04:32

The footage becomes indiscernible in the jostling, and the audio is muffled, but multiple times Corcoran can be heard yelling, “Stop fighting.” Several shots ring out about 45 seconds after the struggle begins.

“I got at least five rounds off,” Corcoran tells them.

The footage, Mc Namee wrote, could taint a prospective jury pool.“We have all seen the media firestorm that arises from almost identical incidents in this country on an almost routine basis.

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The situation escalated after Corcoran’s stun gun failed to subdue Porter, Lang said.

She said no one was arrested, and she declined to elaborate.“We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that all use of force by police are both lawful and justified.

I can assure you the incident will be reviewed thoroughly and appropriate action will be taken.” Police have said little publicly about the arrest.

Porter, lying prone, moves into a crouched position, at which point Corcoran shoots Porter with a stun gun.

Authorities said the officer was removed from front-line duties after West Midlands Police received a complaint about a Facebook video showing the officer making flippant racial comments during an investigation.Attorney for Minnesota Andrew Luger expanded the investigation.