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31-Oct-2017 12:21

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If you are actively engaged in an industry that isn't PG-13, then it's wise to figure out what kind of office you're working in an figure out a way to make it not a secret, and yet not something you have to talk about non-stop.Does it take some finesse to work it out with coworkers? It's a level of tact and savy in dealing with people to get a sense of whether to bring it up, or how to address it if it ever comes up.You can bet that someone in your office will find you on Facebook, Linked In, Stack Exchange or some other media.So if there is any reference at all to anything juicy or salacious, you can bet that there's a decent possibility that your clever coworkers will find out about it.Will it be OK with a software company creating software for a highly moral-driven purpose - like software for a political campaign, educational software for minors, or something with a religious purpose? Will it be OK for a hip, young, funky company that is doing some sort of wacky technology? I've had a number of wild artistic pursuits over the years and worked in a number of very uptight firms and they've respected that I separate work and life.

If it's something in your far distant past, it's likely that no one will really care.Obscurity is not something you can count on, given that your social media experience is not something that you alone control.Also, the work of keeping a secret obscured is a non-stop job, so you have to wonder if that's something you want to sign up for for the long haul. No one takes it well when they feel like they've been lied to.The issues usually come in two varieties: , so the only safe thing is to make sure that you are judged for things that you can stand by and are willing to fight for.

The average background check process (at the moment) is something like a drug screen, criminal history check and reference check.

If the information did come up, what effect would it have on my job prospects?

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