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05-Oct-2017 18:54

Santa rides across the skies in his reindeer-drawn chariot.

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His popular series Genesis Conflict brings the debate between Creation and evolution to a new climax as he dissects the arguments with a scientific eye.

His highly-acclaimed series Total Onslaught sheds light on the state of the world today as we move to a one-world government and an anticipated apocalypse.

In other cultures, animals such as the goat (Zeus) or the reindeer pull the chariot. He monitors each child, he is all-seeing and all-knowing, and he knows when they are bad and good. He judges which children have shown good behavior and rewards them appropriately. Back to Paganism and Catholicism Ahead to Paganism and Easter The Medallion of Cybele, excavated from Ai Khanum, Afganistan.

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Origin of Santa Claus: 4th century: Historical evidence shows that St. He was rather a Christianized version of various Pagan sea gods —the Greek god Poseidon, the Roman god Neptune, and the Teutonic god Hold Nickar. Santa, as taught to most children, has the attributes of God: 1. He can visit hundreds of millions of homes in one night. He can manufacture gifts for hundreds of millions of children, and deliver them in one night—each to the correct child. Bad children are bypassed or receive a lump of coal. Alexander the Great created this to remind him of his aspiration to "rule like the sun." Notice the star being born out of the moon.The information contained herein is directed only towards the Roman Catholic religio-political system that has reigned in varying degrees of power for nearly two millennia.

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