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Women at the school finally felt like, “ ‘Hey, people like me are an equal part of this institution,’ ” said Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a longtime professor.And yet even the deans pointed out that the experiment had brought unintended consequences and brand new issues.

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Some students, like Sheryl Sandberg, class of ’95, the Facebook executive and author of “Lean In,” sailed through.

As faculty members pointed out, the more exquisitely gender-sensitive the school environment became, the less resemblance it bore to the real business world.

“Are we trying to change the world 900 students at a time, or are we preparing students for the world in which they are about to go? The Beginning Nearly two years earlier, in the fall of 2011, Neda Navab sat in a class participation workshop, incredulous. Navab had been the president of her class at Columbia, advised chief executives as a Mc Kinsey & Company consultant and trained women as entrepreneurs in Rwanda. She had no idea that she was witnessing an assault on the school’s most urgent gender-related challenge. But they lagged badly in class participation, a highly subjective measure that made up 50 percent of each final mark.

Speaking with , Ms Sijpke spoke of how the presence of the students in the home has altered daily life and added: “The students bring the outside world in; there is lots of warmth in the contact.” Another one of the teens, 19-year-old urban planning student, Jurriën Mentink, described how he enjoyed giving the seniors computer lessons, cooking for them – and sometimes just “hanging out.” Speaking with the The students have reported how they have sometimes been put-off their studies by the hard-of-hearing residents who turn the volume up on the TV too loud. With the UN now forecasting that more than 20 per cent of the world’s population will be over the age of 60 by the year 2050, it seems the need for such initiatives could become crucial and this programme could be the answer as it looks set to take off across the globe.

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However, this fact seems trivial when the worst happens and the students are forced to keep level-headed: “My neighbour in front of me, she died. According to the International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing, a similar program, which began in Barcelona in 1996, has been repeated in more than 20 cities throughout Spain, with programmes being launched in France and Ohio also.

Yet many Wall Street-hardened women confided that Harvard was worse than any trading floor, with first-year students divided into sections that took all their classes together and often developed the overheated dynamics of reality shows.