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05-Jul-2017 18:11

Giovanni Apollo released a sworn affidavit following an in-depth Montreal La Presse investigation published Thursday that raised questions about his past, including his identity, his qualifications and even his place of birth.

The news organization wrote that Apollo, 47, was not born and raised in an Italian village as claimed in a number of places, including his own recipe website, and that his birth name is actually Jean-Claude.

Lisee said recently that if his party wins the 2018 election, it will introduce a new, stricter language law -- within 101 days -- to stem what he called a worrying trend in the use of French in Quebec.

The legislation would be called Bill 202 and would force all companies in Quebec with 25 employees or more to conduct all business in French, which is currently the case for firms with 50 people or more.

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If Jean-Francois Lisee, the current PQ leader, had his way, Bill 101 would soon be a thing of the past because it would be replaced by tougher legislation.

Immigrants would only be able to school their children in French, including out-of-province Canadians moving to Quebec, and commercial signs would be in French only.