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25-Aug-2017 16:46

4 The actress Theodora became the wife of which Byzantine Emperor?5 George Nathaniel Curzon was the youngest man to hold which post in Asia when appointed in 1899?6 What name was adopted by Pharoah Amenhotep IV after a change in religion?7 Who was the first Royal Navy Admiral to circumnavigate the globe, from 1740-4?8 What role did the family of Marmion of Scrivelsby perform at coronations of Kings of England from the time of William I to Edward I?9 Launched in 1871, what was historically significant about HMS Devastation?10 What sort of people was the 13th-century Ancrene Wisse written for?Sunday's Quiz 1 A Supermarine Rolls-Royce S6 was the first winner of which race, in 1929?

7 Which Irish-born soldier and diplomat, one of the first graduates from Harvard, had a famous London street named after him?10 Which famous painting includes a King and queen reflected in a mirror?Saturday's Quiz 1 Which son of a weaver was a major benefactor of public libraries throughout the UK and US?9 What part of Elfride Swancourt’s anatomy provided the title of an 1873 novel?

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10 Which Shakespeare play ends with Alcibiades reading the title character’s epitaph and promising to bring peace to that character’s home city?

3 Who is the father of Guinevere, who gave the Round Table to King Arthur as a wedding present?

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