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) Devil (admits fear of Rosary) Devil (doesn’t care about your intentions) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Dietary Enzymes Dieting (as a religion) Discerning Spiritual Techniques and Therapies Discerning Manifestations Disney (Magic Sorcerer Cards) Diversity (How Diversity and Consumerism is Fueling the New Age) Dismantling “The Shack” DNA Activation Doctors who incorporate New Age into practice DOGA Dog Whisperer do TERRA (and essential oil quality) Dougherty, Ned (and Near Death Experiences) Doulas Downey, Roma Dowsers (California Uses to End Drought) Dowsing (Water-Witching) Dowsing with a Rosary Dreamcatchers Dreamwork Dreams (when they become obsessive) Dry Needling Druidry (UK recognizes as religion) Drumming Circles Dubstep Dungeons and Dragons Dunning, Jo Dyer, Wayne Dr Dyer, Wayne Dr Eclipse, Apocalypse & Book of Revelation (end of world theory) Eckankar (Survivor Speaks Out) Eckhart, Meister EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Eden, Donna Edward, John (Catholic Psychic Says Afterworld is Bipartisan) Edward, Mark (Admits Conning Clients) Egoscue Method Egyptian Statue Turns Itself Eker, T.

Harv Electro Convulsive Therapy (Shock Therapy) Electro-therapeutic Point Stimulation Therapy (ETPS) Elise, Tracy (Phoenix Goddess Temple) Email Prayer Chains Embraced by the Light (Betty Eadie) EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Emile Coue Emotional Energy (contained in organs?

handwriting analysis) Green Cross Green Scapular Gregorian Chant Grounding Grout, Pam Guerrero, Alejandro/Alex Guided Imagery and Visualization Gyrotonics Hagiotherapy Hall, Sarah Hamsa Hand Hancock, Maureen Handwriting Analysis vs.

Graphology The Harbinger Hare Krishna Harry Potter Harry Potter Fans Decimate Indian Owl Population Harry Potter Strikes Again Haunted Governor’s Mansion Haunted Mirror Havening Technique Hawthorn Hay, Louise Hazeldon (Thoughts for the Day) HCG Weight Loss Products He Shou Wu Healers (New Age) Healing Code Healing of Families (Fr.

) Hypnotherapists (What You Need to Know Before Choosing) Hypnotist (Was Hypnotist/Principal Responsible for Student’s Death? ) “I Am” Teachings I-Dosing Incarnational Healing Infrared Wands Inner Child Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Integrative Manual Therapy International House of Prayer Intuitives (Medical – Carolyn Myss) Intuitive Counselors (Surge in Use of) Invoking vs. (Dies Age 95) Jabez, Prayer of Jadience Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything Jesus Calling (by Sarah Young) Jesus Calling (Book purged of all references to God Calling) Jesus Calling Controversy in a Nutshell Jesus and Mary Cult Jewelry (New Age & Occult-based) Jin Shin Jyutsu Jobs, Steve (What Role Did Alternatives Play in Death?

Evoking the Dead i Renew Bands Iridology Isley, Niara (Abducted by Aliens? Yoga Italian Horn i Water/Intelligent Water Iyengar, B. ) Jobs, Steve (New Book Reveals Use of Psychics, Acupuncture, Bowel Cleansings to Cure Cancer) JOGA John of God Johnston, Charlie Johnston, Charlie (Archdiocesan statement) Jophiel (Archangel) Judgmental (Are Our Blogs Judgmental or Factual?

Oz sued for promoting) Geopathic Stress German New Medicine Germaine, St.

Gertrude of Nivelles (Patron Saint of Cats) Gestalt Therapy Ghosts More About Ghosts Ghost Sightings Ghost (of Susan Powell) Ghost Shows (are they okay to watch?

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Goddess – Worshiping at the Temple of Gaia Goddess – UN Opens with Prayer to Mayan Goddess Gold dust (appearing at prayer meetings) Goldie Hawn (Pushing TM and Buddhism in Public Schools) Gong Bath Goop Website (exploits women) Goosebumps Series Goth Subculture Goth Teens (more likely to self-harm) Graf Wellness Services The Grail Grant, Coral & Gary (lifecoaches accused of running Ponzi scheme) Graphology (vs.

(Myofascial Release Therapy) Barrett, Stephen Basconi, Kevin Beattie, Melody Belly Button Healing Belly Dancing – Is Belly Dancing New Age? T.) Biofeedback Bio-Meridian Testing Bio-Meridian Scanners Bioresonance Birth Order Theory Black Magic (Suspected in Bizarre Outbreak in Trinidad School) Black Salve Black Star Blatty, William (Exorcist author dies) Blessing Beads Blogs (Are Our Blogs Judgmental or Factual? ) Body Piercing – Tatoos and Body Piercing Body Scan Meditation Body Talk Body Vibes Borysenko, Joan Bowen Therapy Braden, Gregg Brain Gym (Minds in Motion) Brainwave Entrainment (Equi Sync) Breatharians Bridge to Terabithia Brown, Brene Brown, Rebecca M. () Browne, Sylvia (dies at age 77) Buddha Statues (Can Catholics Display in Home? ) Buddhist Meditation Techniques Budokon Bubble Goth Bundy, Ted (Strange Happenings in His House) Buteyko Breathing Byo Netics Byron Katie Campbell, Steven () Cameron, Julia Cannabidiol Oil Cancer Care Centers (Fr.