Wrong dating number

12-Oct-2017 22:41

They’re the ones the girl comes to when she’s feeling down, when she needs someone to listen to her.The problem here is that girls arguably need this more than men; they often heavily rely on their friends to see them through rough patches. Women are different creatures and they really value their friends, so there’s nothing with being a girl’s friend or confidante. Wouldn’t you want to be able to come home and tell him anything, and he can always make everything better?In other words, if you’re a guy, you’re supposed to like it when things blow up, you’re supposed to be messy, you’re supposed to care more about your buddies than your girl, and you’re supposed to be a selfish slob.That’s “manly.”The nice, clean, respectful, intelligent man may as well be a woman. You hear it all the time: Guys complaining that if they’re “nice,” they enter the dreaded friend zone in record time.

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An incorrect date can have a number of repercussions, so as you enter transactions be careful to place correct dates on current entries.

You can always set the record straight later, right?