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And that he took a shotgun from the house and drove off wearing only a towel. He initially says that the only thing he knows is that he had talked to Bart and learned that Jennifer had died and he tells us he doesn’t know anything about a gun.Tierney: I don’t know if there’s a guideline of how a person should react when your wife has been found dead, but I would think that the initial reaction would be something along the lines of, “Oh my God, where are my children? Investigators also used Bart’s cell phone records to map his movements on that fatal night.Hearn’s hand and I just remember saying to him, “I’m sorry that we have to meet under these circumstances.” Jennifer Corbin’s family knew nothing about her husband Bart’s girlfriend, who died from a single gunshot back in 1990.But like the girlfriend’s family, Jennifer’s relatives immediately told police that no matter how her death looked on December 4, 2004, this wasn’t suicide. Narda Barber, Jennifer Corbin's mother: And she said, “Mom, Mom, I do not love Bart.

Jennifer had been a free spirit when she was younger, but having children changed all that. Never in a million years did I ever think I would have to live my life without my sister. Dolly’s brother Gil says his sister dated Bart during her third year of dental school, which was 150 miles from Atlanta in Augusta, Georgia. Dolly filed these police reports complaining that someone had broken into her apartment, vandalized her car, and stolen a package from her mailbox.

They’d been married seven years and had two adorable sons, ages 7 and 5. Jennifer’s family felt unimaginable grief because the way Jennifer died was almost as painful as the loss itself. It turns out, the Gwinnett county prosecutor wasted no time doing his job.

On the surface they led a storybook life and had a big beautiful home filled with photos of a fun, loving family. If you know, crack on him, he has a crack that’s five times better than yours. Her older son was the one to find her body and run to a neighbor, who called 911. He was about to take a journey into a troubled marriage and a dark past. Travis Hampton was a friend and classmate of both Bart’s and Dolly’s.

There was reason to believe Jennifer Corbin might have killed herself. One day a school project disappeared and then her cat.

Her marriage that once seemed so perfect had soured. But by the time summer break arrived, the harassment seemed to have stopped. Ross: There were not crime scene technicians working the case as we do today.

This is a tale of two tragedies, of two young women who lived and died at different times and in different cities but left behind a mysterious trail of almost identical clues.