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We lived a good two hours from the shore so it was an adventure and a nice break from the lakes.

Animal Magnetism by: Gypsymoon - The marriage between my second wife and I was abruptly coming to an end. We filled out the papers, gone to court, and was awaiting the decision of the judge.

We both decided that in celebration of our pending divorce w....

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"Either you do the work or you get the credit" Yakov Zel'dovich - Russian Astrophysicist Fortunately it is not always true.… continue reading »

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The key is understanding and not being afraid to ask questions.… continue reading »

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In any case, age is always out of the equation in love matters.… continue reading »

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There is no doubt that interactions occurred mostly by sea and the bay of Odessos is one of the places where the exchanges took place.… continue reading »

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Encore étudiante en fac, cette jeune et jolie blonde qui n’a pas encore 20 ans, s’ennuie lorsqu’elle rentre chez elle après les cours.… continue reading »

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