Women dating in taiwan describe how carbon 14 is used as a dating method

02-Jul-2017 22:48

Two of my other guy friends came over once, I also invited a friend (female, foreign, which matters in this discussion) I thought they might get along with, with my husband, but not their wives. And I have plenty of guy friends who are 'just friends', as I did when I was single, they were, or both.There are guys who want to be friends with a woman and don't want to date or shag her. However, I have had it confirmed by others that Taiwanese men and women, if one or both of them is attached, tend not to hang out alone together. Considering my observation and friends' experiences, I also don't really believe that Taiwanese guys are mostly interested in only serious relationships and "date to marry". Some date to marry or only want serious relationships, some just want to shag around, some are OK with shagging around a bit and dating casually but if they find the right person, will change all of that to be with them.There's a cultural undercurrent in which women are often encouraged to be that way and men are encouraged to like it, but in my experience it just doesn't ring true.If Taiwanese men didn't like outgoing, talkative, aggressive women, then my friend L (Taiwanese, female, very outgoing) wouldn't be married with kids.The marriage institution still carries some respect. Which of course, as usual, can't be used to deduce the actions or feelings of any given man (just like with women - just because most seem to either want marriage or eventually get married doesn't mean you can assume that any given woman has that goal).I had a guy friend here who was all "I'm not going to get married! ", although he had a very uncommon, and somewhat rough, childhood with two bad parents, which kind of put him off marriage and kids. I can also honestly say that this idea that all Taiwanese men prefer demure/quiet/"tender" women is utter crap.(Nothing wrong with that, I'm not judging it, just that that attitude from guys hasn't worked for me in the past).

That would not be quite agreeable with average Western women, though. To quote one of my former 20-something male students who came to me for advice (A usually quiet conservative looking fellow studying engineering), "My girlfriend wants to get married and have a baby, but I feel I'm too young. I like the feeling I have when I am with a new girl.

Men -again, in very general terms- are usually more conservative in this regard.

Hence, local guys my generation -the Martial Era- would be a lot more into the classic housewife/traditional marriage as defined roles for breadwinner/childbearing terms.

Another (foreign) friend wouldn't have dated two Taiwanese guys who've both said they like her in part because she doesn't act like a 'typical girly girl'.

She drinks, smokes and is very sexually flamboyant.I told you to do that", then we're gonna have a problem.