Edelsten dating scandal

20-Nov-2017 23:00

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“It doesn’t surprise me,’’ said Dr Edelsten, 68, owner of Sydney Swans Australian rules football club, whose string of medical clinics collapsed when he went to jail for allegedly hiring a hit man to “deal with” a threatening client. I don’t think wrecking a marriage is something you should be celebrating on television.

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Footage aired during the TV interview showed Miss Edelsten confronting Mr James in a London street, showing him a number of sexy photographs she had sent to him.During the ambush by the camera crew, which left Mr James rattled and confused, she asked how the raconteur’s wife, academic Prue Shaw, had got hold of the pictures.Miss Edelsten expressed no remorse for her actions and even suggested she would continue the affair.“I don’t know whether it’s got to do with experience, intelligence,” said Miss Edelsten, 48. “If there’s a poster boy for seniors’ week, he’s it. He’s a prime example of ‘use it or lose it’ in every sense of the word.” The couple kept in touch through emails, which included her sending him sexy photos of herself, she said. When he went back to the UK she sent him the photos, which he wanted, she said “because he was missing me”.

The model’s first husband, multi-millionaire Dr Geoffrey Edelsten, who was divorced from her in 1988, said he only heard of the alleged affair hours before the TV show.I have seven masters and two doctorates and can help mentor her career.” The pair met a few weeks ago through friends when Edelsten was visiting the U. Based on her pouty lips, curvy physique, and bleach-blonde hair, she suits the type of women Edelsten is attracted to.