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18-Oct-2017 16:24

To say we 'are not of age' to understand HIV related policy issues is an insult," she Dr.Frank Mugisha, the Executive Director of SMUG said, “Uganda cannot get to zero new infections with a fixed mindset that alienates some part of the population based on who they are. It was observed that for smooth operations of the CCM, new elections be held on February 05, with a clear, time bound road map and agreed upon Terms of Reference, which CCM Uganda has now dishonored.All nominated representatives were then to convene on February 05, 2015 for the general election organized by CCM not MARPS network.

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It works with paralegals upcountry to respond to emergency cases; conducts digital security training for its members and building strategic partnerships with like minded organizations.

The groups released a press statement (copied below), highlighting multiple flaws in the CCM election process, and calling for an election that is built on their repeated requests for direct representation by qualified, accountable members of their communities who do not have any financial conflict of interest.

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