Wii not updating

26-Oct-2017 04:42

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Use the information "ipconfig" to fill in the information.

For this step, make sure to increase the last two digits of your IP address by 10. You can try adding 11, 12, etc...(I do recommend trying to add just the 10 to the last digits first, this should work and is much less confusing, if not then come back and try this note.) 8: Once you confirm, a message will pop up, telling you to configure your DNS settings. 9: Once again, hit "do not auto obtain" and use the number for primary DNS, and for seconday DNS (these are Google's free DNS servers).

(Use your stylus for easier typing) 7: Your Wii U Console shoud now be testing your connection. 8: Press the "Set" button if you want to set it as your default connection.

9: After that it will prompt you to update your Wii U automatically, if you haven't already done so then go ahead and if you have already updated then just hit "cancel".

Get retro games working on your Wii, regardless of whether they're on sale on Virtual Console.

A variety of emulators await everyone with the Homebrew Channel installed on their Wii. or try out games made by other Wii users, homebrew is the perfect excuse to dust off your neglected Wii and give it a new purpose.

If your Wii is running an earlier version than 4.3, it’s time to update. If your Wii is running a later version of the software – for example, 4.4 – Nintendo has finally broken this jailbreak and you’re going to need to find another hack. So your Wii is running 4.3, and you know which version you have? You can find this in the Wii settings, on the second page.

Click “Connect your SD card to your computer and make sure it’s formatted FAT32 or FAT (NTFS, HFS and EXF2/3/4 will not work).

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Extract the “homebrew_browser” folder and put it in your “apps” folder. Insert your SD card into your Wii, then go to the main screen.

A long-lasting hack means you get all of this working quickly and easily, using nothing more than an SD card.

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