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There is no question in my mind that he is a fine man.” Asked if there was a similarity between him defending Humphries and someone defending Armstrong, Mr Walsh said the comparison was “odious” and “completely inappropriate”.

“I know a damn sight more about it than most people and I believe Tom is a fine man, and in the end, that will come out and people will understand he is a fine man.” Mr Walsh has come in for criticism since it emerged he provided a character reference in court for Humphries who has pleaded guilty to six offences, dating from 20, including the sexual exploitation and defilement of a child.

As the effects of reflexology are cumulative, many people find it beneficial to continue with regular treatments.

Following treatment, any significant findings will be discussed with you.In the 1930’s a young physiotherapist called Eunice Ingham further developed the study of zone therapy into reflexology as we know it today.It was she who determined that the reflexes on the feet and hands were an exact mirror image of the organs of the body.On the first visit, the reflexology practitioner will conduct a full personal consultation.

This will take into consideration your past and present health and lifestyle.This reflex relationship was found to lie within certain longitudinal zones of which there were ten in the body.