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01-Sep-2017 01:47

many imagine that they are dealing with an angel, when in the background there is a perverted soul and a little devilishness, which I can hide in an easy and frightening way.

these are not words copied and pasted, this is what I know about me, is my personality, is what I think and I know about myself.

I can be many things, I can be good, I can be bad, I can be an angel and I can be a devil.

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Gender: A collection of sociologically accepted behaviors that, by performing, designates you as male or female. Gender is something you do, rather than something you are. Many cultures have recognized transgender people in their communities for thousands of years.Greysexual: A term used to describe a person who is mostly asexual, but may occasionally feel sexual desire.Queer: A social identity that opposes itself to traditionally accepted heteronormativity.Cisgender: To identity with the gender that you were assigned at birth.

NOT a slur, not used to pejoratively classify people who are not trans, but a useful word to accurately describe those who feel good with the gender they've been designated.

I'm non-binary, trans-masculine, and generally resistant to the notions that everyone must either be male or female. My pronouns are they/them but I also like to be called he and even she if my androgynous pronouns are also being respected.