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30-Oct-2017 10:10

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This connectivity allows service centres to access the database for transaction acceptance as well as query handling, thus enabling same day transaction processing and across the counter servicing.For telephonic enquiries, please call the National Call Center at 18.Drivers under the age of 25 have some of the highest car insurance rates due to their lack of experience behind the wheel and tendency to crash and cause claims.Anything you can do to keep your young driver from getting in an accident or from getting a ticket -- either of which is bound to raise your already high rates into the stratosphere -- is well worth the effort. We dedicate our time and vision towards one common goal – make driving safer and cheaper. And with the power of dashcams this goal will be quickly reached.Great, now you have to rely on what someone “thought” they saw…

Now motorists are starting to see the value of dashboard cameras, an increasing number of insurers are accepting footage when reviewing claims and some companies are offering discounts to those policyholders that have a fully-functioning dash cam installed in their vehicle.

With video proof that you weren’t the driver responsible for a car crash you can save yourself from being found at fault by a car insurance company -- and receiving the higher auto insurance rates that go with that finding.