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11-Nov-2017 11:36

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Yeah, he married that girl and every child he ever had, they all ended up getting food stamps and he'd steal the food stamps and sell them for dope. He told me he wants me to leave Steven and I said, "I can't leave Steven. " He goes, "You want children, I'll give you children." [Laughs] And I said, "Thank you. Sitting down and interviewing Cyrinda was a little girl's dream come true for me! At times Cyrinda was a bit emotional, but for the most part we had a lot of fun ? Who would have thought that the sexy, stylish blonde I wanted to be when I grew up would be hanging out with me and talking about her life! not only talking for PUNK, but also talking "girl talk" when the tape player was off. I started going to Max's of course 'cause all the young kids were there. Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis, there was Leee and Wayne - Wayne County, who is now Jayne County.

This interview took place the last time I saw Cyrinda, at the Gramercy Park Hotel, October 2001, almost a year before she died. [Laughs] Everybody that was anybody came to see these plays.

" And I said, "Yeah." And he said, "Is it a good one?