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Several types of analyses are performed for several university centers and for the private sector.

The primary mission of the laboratory is an educational one through which students are trained at using specialized techniques.

Spectrometer equipped with 16 detectors (semi-conductor silicon crystals) transforming the alpha disintegration energies into electric signals.

These signals are then amplified and sent to a multichannel analyser.

We developed this dating method back in 1991 after divers in the manned submersible Alvin appeared on the scene soon after a submarine eruption at 9° 50'N on the East Pacific Rise (EPR), to determine when the eruption had occured.

Pb dating results from 3 eruptions on the EPR and Gorda Ridges.

(return to top) Thermal Ionization/Mass Spectrometry (TIMS): 0-0 Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS): price not available.

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We are not certain this occurs at oceanic depths of 2-3 km, so we report an eruption window based on a conservative minimum degassing estimate and 100% degassing.

Chief among these are: 1) common Pb methods, or single stage models (e.g., Holmes-Houtermans model; see Holmes 1946, Houtermans 1946) for lead minerals that have single-stage histories, i.e., that experienced no lead gain or loss.

Such models plot trajectories of Pb growth after a primeval Pb state from the time of deposition in the earth's crust.

Note the difference in error on maximum ages for Gorda samples taken in April and August 1996 (ages overlap for all samples in panel B but early sampling led to much higher resolution ages).

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The young lava flow image is a video frame grab from Alvin dive 3935 of the FIELD expedition (provided by Robert Zierenberg).

Geological processes affect the amount of U and Th present, thus, lead isotopes serve as a useful tool for understanding the nature and timing of these processes.