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The first mosque was constructed during the First World War within a prisoner of war camp in Wünsdorf, just outside Berlin.The number of practitioners of Islam in Germany remained relatively negligible after that until the 1960s, when a guest worker programme with Turkey brought in large numbers of labourers. Around 5 percent of the population is Muslim The most recent government figures released last year showed that between 4.4 million and 4.7 million Muslims lived in Germany, or between 5.4 to 5.7 percent of the population.The Turkish population in Germany now makes up the largest ethnic minority in the country at around 3 million people with Turkish roots. This was an increase of about 1.2 million people since the last census in 2011.The government attributed the growth to the large number of immigrants who came to the country last year, including the record number of nearly 900,000 refugees, many coming from predominantly Muslim countries.

The survey showed that respondents generally thought Muslims made up as much as 21 percent of the population - roughly quadruple the actual size.

The DIK also actively works with the German government to prevent radicalization.

North Korean missile launches have been happening at an unusually fast pace this year, and some analysts believe that the North could have such an arsenal before the end of Mr. Japanese bullet train service has been suspended in northern Japan and citizens in Japan were warned not to approach any debris.… continue reading »

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A series of changes that occurred as English itself changed, together with some simplifications and elision, resulted in the name Cheshire, as it occurs today.… continue reading »

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