Updating firmware ipod touch Fuck cam no sign up

30-Jun-2017 23:12

Unlike SHSH blobs which would submit the same one already stored on the server, a brand new APTicket is generated using a random string.

In the future APTickets will completely replace SHSH blobs, this will happen once the i Phone 4S stops being supported.

i Faith uses a different method to save your SHSH blobs that allows it to save your SHSH blobs regardless of whether Apple is signing it or not.

In some cases i Faith is more reliable when it comes to downgrading as well.

With newer firmware versions when you save your SHSH blobs you are also technically saving your APTickets.

In order to enforce this limitation SHSH blobs were introduced, which is a hash signature system.

In order to prevent firmware restores Apple only signs one firmware version at a time, which is obviously the latest firmware version available.

If you try to restore to a lower firmware version, you will get an error because Apple is not signing that specific firmware version anymore.

In this specific situation you would only be able to save SHSH blobs for the i OS 6.0.1 firmware.

If you indeed find yourself in this situation then you will need to use a tool called i Faith.There are many tools that can be used to save SHSH blobs on your i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad or even Apple TV. Both Tiny Umbrella and Red Sn0w can be used to save your i OS device’s SHSH blobs if Apple is signing the firmware you are currently running.

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