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15-Oct-2017 14:12

These can be addressed by improving children’s access to basic education," he said.

Initiation ceremonies in rural Malawi are regarded as the transitional passage from childhood to adulthood.

Blantyre - Police in eastern Malawi have torched several initiation camps which were allegedly teaching children sexual skills instead of offering them "sound advice".

Machinga District Police Spokesperson Dave Sulumba confirmed the move in an interview."We have indeed torched some initiation camps built along river banks and on mountain slopes.

During this meeting, pediatric health specialists, non-governmental partners, and federal officials gathered at CDC to discuss clinical evaluation and management of infants with congenital Zika virus infection in the United States.

CDC considered discussions on clinical evaluation and management when developing interim guidance for healthcare providers.

Malawi Human Rights Commission in its reports on traditional cultural practices made a similar observation that the performance of sex is emphasized at initiation ceremonies."The girls are taken to this isolated place, which is called thedzo and tsimba (initiation camp) where they are taught some pieces of advice.

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Spanish CDC Medical Epidemiologist Susan Hills, MBBS, MTH, presents an update on the epidemiologic and clinical aspects of the Zika outbreak.

According to Harawa, the worst part of it is that both boys and girls are encouraged to have sex as a proof that they have indeed graduated from childhood to adulthood.

He explained: "The problem is that some get infected with HIV in the process of proving that they are grown up after being to initiation camps." The advice they receive from initiation ceremonies, coupled with dire poverty, is what leads drives young girls into prostitution and early marriages."The problem of early marriages can be addressed by reforming or even banning such practices as chinamwali or initiation ceremonies," Harawa explained.

This presentation covers the following topics This video demonstrates how to measure the head circumference of an infant.

Measuring head circumference is a primary way to determine the presence of microcephaly, which is important during this Zika outbreak.

This video shows how the travel history of the patient and the patient’s sexual partners play a role in deciding to test for Zika.

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