Tanith belbin and evan lysacek dating

25-Aug-2017 10:19

The wins mean that both Belbin and Lysacek will compete in the World Championships in Tokyo next month.To celebrate their success last week, “We ordered chicken fingers, milkshakes and chocolate cake and all that fun stuff,” says Belbin. We spent most of the time concentrating on events but we went out every night.” The romance between the two skaters first started to percolate last summer.“We have been good friends, but last year on tour something clicked,” says Lysacek.“We get along and never fight.” He’s even introduced Belbin to his family, “and they love her like she’s one of their own.A Wang confidante says she is working on future ensembles for Lysacek, but that it could all depend on where his skating career takes him.While the Chicago native did not skate competitively in 2010-2011, he did not announce his retirement, and has slowly returned to the ice.Early reports about the divorce indicated that Becker had grown tired of being seen as and referred to as “Mr. I didn’t think much beyond when I first read about the divorce. Maybe Vera Wang isn’t ready to compete solo just yet.Vera Wang” – which seems slightly petty considering they worked together on a billion-dollar empire and are parents to two daughters. Now that I’m hearing the rumor that Vera might have dumped her husband for a 27-year-old Olympian boy-toy… Sources close to the famous wedding dress designer, who announced on July 11 via the president of her multimillion-dollar company that she was separating from husband Arthur Becker , say she’s been playing house with someone young enough to be her son.

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Last week, fashion designer Vera Wang announced her separation/split/divorce.We give each other a lot of support.” Belbin tells PEOPLE that Lysacek’s sense of humor and their shared aspirations make them a perfect team – off the ice.“He’s hilarious and he can cheer me up at the drop of a hat,” she says.He trains at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, Calif., which is approximately 25 minutes from Beverly Hills.

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Last September, the former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant surprised fans by announcing his interest in the 2014 Olympics after being out of the limelight of the competition circuit.I know Weir is close to Tanith Belbin, whom Evan reportedly dated before the 2010 Olympics, so maybe Weir is just repeating gossip from a girlfriend? One, Evan is gay and he and Vera Wang truly are friends, and he’s just staying with her to help her out during her time of need. Evan faces constant “gay rumors” because he’s a fabulous figure skater but he really does like the ladies and he and Vera are totally bonin’.