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You have to feel things out if you want to go the route I did.If you just want a wham bam thank you mam session, that’s widely available any day of the week with no effort required at all.Taking into consideration all the other available action in Seoul, even limited as it is for foreigners, I give Hooker Hill a solid 3 stars if for nothing else than the high level of reliability. The Hill seemed to be losing a lot of steam in 2011, but it has since started to regain its former “glory,” for lack of a better term. Stick to your guns and act like you know what you’re doing and you will be fine.

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One very sweet, beautiful woman in her early 20’s with an amazing natural frame was pretty cold and mechanical during my first visit.

If they checked me, I’d give them a few choice words. The street is short but it is jam packed with these little bars. At the very top of the hill there is a “regular” bar that is popular with English teachers.

This prevents me from commenting on the newest of the new LEGO (tm) series, apart from the NXT systems, with which I have worked for the First (tm) LEGO (tm) League. Well, up next are the booklets, I feel that all of them are a bit too concise for the age advertised on the box.… continue reading »

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Les villes et villages proches de La Roche-Canillac sont : Champagnac-la-Prune (19320) à 1.87 km, Gros-Chastang (19320) à 2.25 km, Gumond (19320) à 2.72 km, Saint-Martin-la-Méanne (19320) à 3.25 km, Saint-Bazile-de-la-Roche (19320) à 4.09 km.… continue reading »

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